[Podcast] Chris Penny on Zoppa Behind the Scenes with Kristian Zoppa

Podcast Notes:
#45: Lawn Authority Chris Penny Discusses Crushing It In The Green Industry

Chris Penny is the founder of Lawn Authorities – a marketing company that specializes in the lawn care niche – and he is the previous owner of a lawn care company that he eventually went on to sell.

In this episode, we discuss his path from originally being a solopreneur, to developing a franchised lawn care company, to closing the franchise and then ultimately selling a very profitable company, to now providing marketing for others in the lawn care industry.

This episode is extremely applicable to anyone in the local service business, and as a lawn care company owner myself, it is exactly what I would want to hear in a podcast. I hope you enjoy!

Want to learn how the Lawn Authorities Growth Platform will work for your business?

About Chris Penny and Lawn Authorities

I've been helping landscape maintenance companies grow their businesses since 2013.

Our fastest growing client has grown from $250k to $1.5m in 3 years using the strategies covered in this website.

Our unique approach to marketing comes from my experience marketing my own lawn care business for 11 years (2005-2016). There are so many unique challenges to growing these kinds of businesses: churn, lowball competitors, attracting the right staff - to name a few. Our systems solve all of these, empowering our clients to grow rapidly with confidence.

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Because Everything's
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