Lawn Care TV 📺’s very first season is coming soon!

10 Episodes of Me,
traveling out into the world,
meeting with lawn care business owners,
and checking out their digs.


I’m home from traveling the United States and living in my car for 3 months with my lovely partner Krista.

I have about 20 or 30 of hours of editing ahead of me.
I’m really excited about it.
I have so much video.

I met with 8 guys all around the place and recorded conversations with them about their businesses.
They ranged in experience from nearly just getting started to multi-millions.
It was pretty cool.

I asked them what keeps them up at night.
I asked them about times they changed their minds on things.
I tried to really dig in and get a feel for their headspace.

It’s neat how you can start to tease out the traits that seem to make the most successful guys the most successful.
It’s neat to see how they conduct themselves in front of the camera!

No makeup.

No lights.

Just me, them, their shop or office.
Talking about how it all works.

I hope you’ll like it!



Reviews - ALL

"Knowing that they will treat it as if it's their own business"

"Marketing Secret Weapon"

I've been looking for a solid, reputable digital marketing firm for a couple years now. I found Chris, and I haven't had to look any further! I've been working with Chris for a couple months now, and I'm very impressed with his organizational skills and follow through. He has been working diligently on my web presence and communicating all of the steps to me along the way, as well as seeking input as needed. I'm excited to work with this firm for years to come!

Chester B

Owner, Big Lakes Lawncare

My company desperately needed a new website that would allow for a higher client conversation rate and better google presence. Chris and his team worked with me to not only create a stunning new website but a quality client intake system. He brought a high level of expertise and quality suggestions / strategies to the table. I could not be more thrilled with the result! Now that we have the website and client intake system finished, I am looking forward to continuing to work with Chris's team on improving my company's online presence!

Natalya K.

Because Everything Is Better When You're an Authority
475 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON

Canada 🍁