Our mission is to positively impact people around the world through supporting lawn & landscape businesses that strive to improve the lives that they touch.

By promoting the initiative of assuming the responsibility of being the local authority, we believe that we can reshape the landscaping industry to be perceived as being more and more valuable.


Our systems are designed to compete with national brands and win in your local territory.

Our ability to collect and analyze data has allows us to develop extremely competitive, ever evolving systems. 

We are effective because we cater specifically to the lawn & landscape industry. Our founder Chris Penny worked in the industry for 15 years before creating Lawn Authorities.

I became aware of how few options there were for lawn and landscape marketing.
So many stories of frustration from friends who have been burned.
I had had a lot of good experiences with the marketing I had done for myself.
I decided to build a community to surround myself with of lawn and landscape business owners. I wanted to ensure that I would stay aware of the challenges you face and build nuances into my systems to accommodate for them.

-Chris Penny

Chris’ Story

We had a 7-month operating season.

This gave us a short window but 5 months to go over the last years notes and prepare to crush.

14 years of mowing. From when I was 15, back in 2002 and I was cutting the neighbors’ lawns to 2016 when I sold my company.

I took on this business to learn.
I was young and always kept the attitude that it was a game and that I’d eventually make it big by helping others.

Along my journey I threw my business into the turns, testing out all sorts of strategies.

I pushed the limits but was never too worried. I never had much to lose.
I would put all of my earnings directly back into my business, telling myself this would be my Real Life MBA.
We grew fast at first by selling 5 franchises of my business to my peers in university.

I trained lots of people on how to sell door to door.

I trained my franchisees how to sell and keep their clients happy.

We went on company cruises in the Caribbean.

Eventually, I matured and chose to no longer work with students.
I became a licensed landscape exterminator. 
I bought out a small hedge trimming company. 
I had years of crazy growth that nearly killed the company. 
We survived drought, water bans, pesticide bans, and lawsuits.

I traveled the world.

After all these years I eventually realized I had created my retirement version of the business.

It had higher margins and fewer moving parts. Slower, but rock solid predictable growth. 
We catered to great clients, lots of doctors and lawyers. 
We became quite artisanal.

I started having to hold back on the marketing, it was just getting too easy and finding new staff every summer was getting too frustrating.

I started a side lead generation business and built lead gen systems for my direct competition.
I became very depressed.

That’s when I sold the business without knowing what I would do next.

Looking back I realized it was the marketing and advertising I loved the most.

I also loved operating the equipment. Being outside, the fresh air and powerful gear.
The thrill of hitting the ground running as hard as we could each spring.

The problem was it wasn’t enough. I had set out to make a big difference in people’s lives and so far I had only helped my own.

Student Franchise Recruitment

That’s when I decided to do this. After years of analyzing what worked the best for me I’m so excited to get to benefit others with this passion of mine. Being able to help determined companies thrive has felt like a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier.

This needs an update. It’s been years since I’ve been doing this full time.

We built a database of 10,000 lawn & landscape business digital presences. We collected over 50 data points for each of these businesses. About 20 of them were details of the websites and the rest were off site details like number of followers and engagement rates on various social media sites. We learned a lot about the state of the industry and it gave us a lot of confidence knowing that what we offer is light years ahead of average, and easily head and shoulders better than the best. Some businesses had impressive results in some areas but almost none had well rounded approaches and were leaving some much opportunity on the table.

From there we’ve had the opportunity to work with various lawn & landscape businesses. We learned a lot about the type of businesses that we can help the best: the ones who want to grow faster with more confidence. The ones who’s staff love them and so do their clients. The ones who really want to make a positive impact on the people their businesses touch.

We’ve split tested, optimized, refined, and improved our system in 100 different ways. Now we can deploy our systems for new clients much faster than ever before. We’ve simplified our systems and added more to get even more return on your marketing spend. We’ve built an entire new reporting system that digs much deeper into analyzing client lifetime value and profit returns over time per cohort.

We’ve built better and better conversion feedback loops that feed ad platform AIs better data and unleashes more of their power in our client’s favour to improve overall efficiencies with mean more growth, less cost.

Because Everything Is Better When You're an Authority

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