We help landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal business owners attract staff & clientele without having to rely on agencies.

Staff & clientele attraction systems – setup, training, and support
for Green Industry businesses.

You own and operate a Green Industry business…

Which means you’re the chief cook and bottle washer of your business. The buck stops with you.

And you only have so much time in a day…

Whether you’re in the field or in the office, this whole “marketing thing” has never made sense to you.

So you’ve outsourced it… maybe multiple times.

And it just never seems to work that well.

It’s some weird black-box that you’ve never had control over…

You know marketing works for other businesses just like yours,

But there seems to be some magic formula you haven’t found yet.

So you make due with the leads you get, when they come to you,

And even close some of them.

But you haven’t been able to figure out how to grow your business on command.

You know it’s possible. You just need the right system…

Are you struggling to grow your business without adding more hours or headache?

Does running your company feel more like a job rather than owning a business?

Are you overwhelmed with trying to figure out what magical platform is going to grow your business the fastest?

Are you struggling to hire because you don’t know if you can keep consistent work for your new crews?

We’ll help you go from relying on black-box magic to owning a reliable marketing machine

Let’s change the way you grow your business and take control back from the marketing agencies and go…


Renting Your Marketing System


No Control of Results

Inconsistent Leads

Little balance between hiring and sales

High monthly fees

Low to medium ROI

Unclear on strategy and traction



Owning Your Marketing System

Fully Custom

Full Control of Results

Qualified Leads on Demand

Fine-tuning the balance between hiring and selling 

Low monthly fees

Medium to high ROI

Clear understanding of what’s going on


How Lawn Authorities Works


Speak with Chris about your needs and how our programs can help you.

Become a member of our Lawn Authorities Growth Platform and get ready to transform your business.

Apply our step-by-step frameworks and system for transforming your business and get all of the support, coaching, and mentorship you need to succeed.


Have the tools and knowledge to serve more clients, make more money and spend more time doing the things you love.

Learn how you can take control of your marketing and start growing your business faster so you can delegate and elevate to your goals.

Because Everything's
Better When You're an Authority

+1 (307) 202-5877

475 Elgin St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 🍁

Because Everything's
Better When You're an Authority

+1 (307) 202-5877

475 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON Canada 🍁