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Well, so did Hank.

Check out this call that I had with him the other day.

He asked some really good questions, and we cut straight to the chase.

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What exactly do you guys do?

– [Hank] Okay. So what exactly do you guys do?

– [Chris] We have a 90-day program where we implement basically an enterprise-level digital marketing system into your business that’s designed to be very, very easy to use.

– [Hank] Okay. Tell me more.

– [Chris] Sure. What are you curious about? I can talk about it all day long but I don’t really know much about you. Are you looking to update your site? Are you looking to get more control of your marketing? Not really sure.

Having trouble finding good marketing.

– [Hank] More the social marketing. I can’t seem to find a good social marketing person that knows our industry.

– [Chris] Okay. And why social?

– [Hank] I don’t know, ’cause that’s what I’ve been told. If you tell me otherwise then… Again, if that’s what I’m being told and it’s not the correct route then I definitely don’t have the right people.

The key to our system is attribution tracking.

– [Chris] Well, okay. So one thing that’s really cool about our system is we use a tool called CallRail. What it does is it lets us figure out where exactly the leads are coming from.

It’s plugged into the website, it’s plugged into pretty much everything. And then it uses different phone numbers even to track offline marketing. It makes it really easy to see where this person called from. And then that makes it really easy to see what marketing used to be spending on so that you aren’t spending money on marketing that’s not doing anything. And also you’re not turning off like ads and things that are working really well.

There’s that saying, “50% of your marketing works, “you just don’t know which half.” – We don’t have that with this tool.

How we used attribution tracking to develop the Lawn Authorities Platform.

What we’ve been doing is we’ve been working with landscaping companies for about the past five years, ranging from around 500K to about 10 million. We implement this system and then from there what we did was we started learning what worked and what didn’t.

And then from there, we’ve developed a program where we don’t need to guess what works anymore because we know we’ve tested it and tried it on all these different clients. And we’ve developed it into a program where we set it up and deploy it with you in 90 days.

Then from there, you or your team or somebody you delegated to can run it really easily. And I can say that confidently because I run multiple of these systems at one time by myself right now also.

So, part of why I’m selling it in a way that people can run it themselves is, I don’t really want to run more of them but I know how easy they are to run. So I figured why not empower people to do it themselves.

Is it just set up?
Or do you run the ads?
What’s in the set up?

– [Hank] Okay. So, do you guys just set up the system or you run the ads and create the ads and all that or?

– [Chris] Well, it’s up to you. So, some clients don’t want anything to do with it and they would rather pay a premium and have us look after everything for them. And that’s fine, but that’s not the core of our program.

Really what it is, is we set up everything so that you have it all ready to go. So yeah, we deploy the ad campaigns. We deploy the SEO strategy. We deploy the website. We work with you to kind of figure out your positioning. Although I can tell from your website that you’ve already done a good job on that. So, it would be pretty easy to incorporate that into our system.

We deploy and even all the tracking. So all that, all the phone calls, all the phone tracking, and the attribution tracking as it’s called, we get that all set up. And then we show you how to use it.

1. Clarify

So, basically, the program is three months. The first month is called clarify, and that’s where what we do is we work really closely with you to figure out exactly what your company is doing and who it’s selling to. And I know, it’s landscaping, and I get that, that all we do is landscaping, but we want to know like really specifically what it is that you’re trying to get to.

Some companies are doing a lot of one kind of service but really their goal is to kind of get more of a different kind of service. And a lot of other companies kind of have certain types of clientele that are coming to them, but they would rather have, maybe a lead that’s like a more qualified lead or leads that are interested in different services. So we work with you to figure out where you’re at now and where you’re trying to go. And then we bake that into the whole system and the whole plan, and then we roll it out for you.

2. Build

And so that’s the second stage is called build, and that’s where we do most of the work. And we build the whole thing based on the system that we already know works.

3. Takeoff

And then the third stage is called takeoff, and that’s where we show you how to take over and run it.

What’s the next step?

– [Hank] Okay. So what do you do, send me a proposal or how does it work?

– [Chris] No, usually what we do is we have a proper meeting where we would get you to apply and go through our process. And then we kind of sit down and take maybe an hour to go over it and make sure that it makes sense to you and you understand, and then we go from there.

– [Hank] Okay. So then the next step is what?

– [Chris] Well, I guess it depends. Tell me how you feel about it. What do you think? Is it something that sounds like it fits what you’re looking for? Are you looking for this kind of thing? See, I want to make sure that you’re the right fit as well. So, I don’t know much about your company or your goals. And ordinarily, before I’m speaking to anybody, they fill out an application on our website so that I know exactly where you’re at and what you’re trying to do. And then from there, I can tell you how and if our system can do that for you and we can go into it in more detail.

– [Hank] Okay.

– [Chris] If that sounds interesting to you, I’ll email you back the link to where you can apply, and then we can start that process. Or alternatively, if that just sounds like a big headache and too much process, and you want to just get going, we can talk about that. But I doubt that’s the case. I think this is probably a bigger decision.

When is the best time to start?

– [Hank] Well, the only crux is that we are time-sensitive and we’re midway through our prime advertising season. So, three months from now, we’re kind of winding down or making a push for the fall, but, that’s not where the majority of our new clients come from. That’s kind of–

– [Chris] Yeah. That makes sense. So, but let me ask though, do you want to be winding down in three months or would you rather be having more business coming in?

– [Hank] Of course I’d rather have more business. I just been winding down on the advertising aspect. we’re usually, knee-deep in a region.

– [Chris] Right. Just to make sure I understand that means you’re at full capacity by then or?

– [Hank] No, I’d take more.

– [Chris] You would take more? Okay. All right. In that case, I think that would be a good fit because a big part of our mission here is to empower businesses to grow and to provide good employment to the industry.

And the way that we figured it out, is that we have to help them balance their ability to hire with their ability to take in work. And then we have to also make that ability to balance. Fine-tuned such that, you can have them both grow in time and have even smooth growth.

And where I see a lot of landscaping businesses kind of missing the mark is they do a thing where they kind of blast off in the spring and everything’s crazy and hectic. And then it kind of winds down over the year and then it gets really slow over the winter. And then it blasts off again in the spring. And I don’t think that this is the best way to be attracting staff that are going to stick around for a long time, just because of how uncomfortable it is.

Part of how we built this system is so that you can control that more. We work with you to be buying work within your allowable cost of acquisition as opposed to just the cheapest cost of acquisition. And then when you’re working within a range as opposed to just always going for the cheapest, it opens up a lot of control.

So you can do things like… Sure, maybe you won’t be taking all the leads that come your way in the spring because you don’t want to have that to be so hectic. Yes, maybe you want to grow 25% or something like 30%, 40% above last year but maybe you don’t want to be doing 100% in the spring. But then, further and deeper into the season, there is still tons of work out there.

It’s just a lot of people the way their marketing works is they don’t have the control to be able to turn it up or down. So, they’re at the whim of like the market and the percentage of the market that’s coming to them through like organic or referrals or these kinds of things.

We drive a lot of our business through ads. And so the cost… Well, it varies. In some places it goes down in the late fall or in the late summer because all the other competitors are thinking that old way of like, “Oh, spring is wrapping up, time to slow things down.” And so it actually gets cheaper to bring on new work later into the season when you run these ads. Or potentially the volume is less and the cost per acquisition goes up a bit.

But as long as it’s been an allowable cost of acquisition then there’s no problem with that at all. And so you pay a little bit more, to be able to have smoother growth that’s more continuous and more consistent.

And so that you kind of get your team into like a growth mentality, a growth culture, where you actually have a team that wants to grow as opposed to a team that hates growing because it’s so uncomfortable. And then that ends up being like way more profitable than trying to save a little bit of money on cheap leads. Right?

What makes this different from everyone else out there? I’m not sure I want to learn to do this.

– [Hank] Yep. So, what makes you different than everyone else that calls me?

– [Chris] Everybody else?

– [Hank] So, like I spoke with someone yesterday who… She’s a consultant. She’ll give you… For 60 minutes a week, you talk and you come up with a plan and you review your ads and your logo and your entire business marketing strategy. That she does not work. She doesn’t do the actual creation of the ads, any of the creative work. So she has to work with a third party. I don’t want to do that. I just want something that I say, “Here do this.” At least at the beginning, and then maybe, your system teaches us how to do it with… I mean, you’re saying you’re teaching us how to do it but I kind of don’t want to do it. I mean, unless it’s quick, quick, quick once a week but I’d rather… Unless it’s just so unbelievably such a lead generator that it’s me, then I don’t mind. But I find now I’m doing too much even with hiring other people.

– [Chris] Yeah. Okay, I get it. So, there are a few ways to answer that. But the way that I think is the simplest is to say that these are probably some of the highest value tasks you could possibly be doing as a business owner. A lot of people do marketing in a way that’s really inefficient which makes it not a very high-value task. But then the way that we’ve built our system is designed to be evergreen.

There’s disposable marketing where it’s like you have to post a new post all the time and you have to be constantly putting stuff out there whether it’s a flyer or whatever. But when the effort is done, it’s gone.

And then there’s kind of what we call evergreen marketing which is a system that’s designed to just keep going and sure you can improve it and you can optimize it over time, but it just keeps going and going and going.

So, that would be the difference between setting up a whole new campaign for a certain service every year, versus having the same campaign that you just turn on and off every year.

The way our system works is, we’ve been testing it already for about 10 years. And we haven’t just tested it on one company. We’ve tested it on lots of companies. And so we have way more data that points us in the direction of what’s working and what’s not.

If your consultant worked with lots of other landscaping businesses then they probably have a really good insight as to like what you should be saying in your ads and what’s converting and what’s not. But we already have finished that already. So I think that what’s better about ours is we’re going to deploy something that’s already generated millions of dollars for other companies, and that’s where you’re starting from. You’re not really figuring it out with somebody. You’re starting out a stage that’s already well, well ahead. And then you can optimize from there if you want to.

Some companies don’t, they don’t care. It just works well enough out of the box. I don’t know how competitive your market is or anything like that. So I can’t speak to that for you specifically, but some companies don’t bother at all. They just turn it on and turn it off.

Other companies are more interested in kind of trying to work it to get more out of it. But like, here, let’s give you kind of like a perspective that when I talk about…

That’s what kind of what I was saying in the beginning, in terms of your time and what it’s worth:

There are some adjustments that I’ll make in a Google Ads campaign, that will save us maybe $10,000 over the next year’s worth of ad spend. And it’s going to save us that $10,000 for maybe another two years after that. So that took me five minutes to save like 30 grand, just to do some little adjustments.

So, if you want, you can pay an agency to do that five minutes. And you’re gonna pay them, hundreds and hundreds of dollars an hour for that. And that’s why so many people think that agencies don’t do anything or, there’s that whole; “What am I getting for my money?” – You’re getting very little, because these are super, super high-value tasks. And that’s why, ’cause they know the value that they’re able to drive for the company. And so they can charge these crazy high fees for a very, very little amount of work.

And so if that’s okay with you then I will be happy to do that for you. And we do have clients that we do that for, but I don’t think that that’s the most efficient and effective way to be able to scale these businesses. Because on the other hand, I think if you learn how to do this stuff yourself, you can actually do it better than I can because you know your business better. I’m looking after 10 others at the same time or whatever. So, I’m never going to be able to pay as close attention and to be able to react as quickly as you could if you were running it.

You definitely have to have the willingness to learn how to use it. And I’m not gonna say that it’s easy, but I would say it’s kind of the difference between building your own equipment from scratch, versus having somebody come in and teach you how to use a backhoe that’s already been built.

Running our system is one of the highest value tasks you can do in your business.

– [Hank] Okay. So, you’re basically just gonna guide us. I do a lot of it myself now, anyway, so…

– [Chris] Yeah. Well, with a lot of people we find that it’s actually less work. Like it’s different work that they’re doing now, but it’s less than what they… So they’re getting way more out of the work that they’re… Either way, you’re going to have to do work, you might as well get more out of it.

These systems change lives.

– [Hank] Oh yeah. I’m not optimizing my time for sure or anything. There are so many charts and I don’t know how to read them properly. So I’d definitely be interested in what you’re saying. I mean, I think if… We’re lawn care basically, so a lot of our selling is done in the office. It’s not like I have to go out and visit all these properties. We do aerial views and whatnot. If we were getting so many that I didn’t have to be out in the field, then obviously that would make sense. Then I would have more time to do what you’re proposing.

– [Chris] Yeah. And that’s what our system does. I mean, one of our clients, one of our claim to fame, he went from 250K a year to 1.5 million in three years with an old version of this system. So, his life changed a lot, I can tell you that. He’s not in the field. So, I mean, it’s totally possible.

We have different ways we can help.

And we have different ways that we can help. If you decided you didn’t want to do it and you wanted us to look after it for you that’s an option.

Either way, everybody has to go through our initial setup program because we don’t work on other systems because they’re way too much work to work on. We only want to work on our system if we’re gonna be doing that.

But ideally, we’d want to be empowering you to do it yourself because I think you can get a better result.

And then we also have ongoing support. So you can pay a monthly fee to have unlimited access basically to me and the team. And if you’re ever stuck on anything or if something doesn’t make sense or you need a second opinion, then we can help.

And then we also have the last option of, just paid by the hour consulting time if you didn’t want to commit to getting help by the month, we still wouldn’t leave you out to dry. If you needed help you can just book a couple of hours and we can take a look at your systems with you.

How to get started.

– [Hank] Okay, so you want to email me that, whatever it is, and we can go from there.

– [Chris] I’ll email you the application link. And what that’s going to do is you’ll be able to pick a time to speak face to face with me. I like to do it on Zoom if we can.

And then after that, it’s going to shoot you over to our application form. It’s good if you take a few minutes to fill that out it doesn’t take more than about 10, 15 minutes at the most, but it does save us a huge amount of time on the call because I can dig into things ahead of time and not have to ask you all the questions again when we speak.

I’ll send you that now and we’ll talk from there.

– [Hank] Sounds good. Thanks.

– [Chris] All right. Thanks for the call. I’ll talk to you soon.

– [Hank] Bye.

– [Chris] Bye.

Want to discuss how the Lawn Authorities Growth Platform will work for your business?

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