Five Common Ways Landscapers and Lawn Care Services Waste Their Marketing Dollars

As a landscaper, you probably get calls every day with people trying to sell you ways to market your business.

You’ve probably even tried some of them out, only to be left wondering if they were worthwhile.

You might have had success but the problem is that most landscapers have been let down repeatedly.

I want landscape business owners to know what to avoid so that they can spend their hard-earned cash on marketing that will actually help grow their businesses.

Let’s dive into the top three mistakes that landscapers make when trying to market their businesses online.

Mistake #1 Paying A Directory

Sometimes directory sites work. We have had many many leads come from directory sites, but you should not be spending money on them.

Directory sites don’t actually care about your business. All they want is for you to spend on a membership.

They work on volume. They need thousands of businesses to be worthwhile. To them, you are just another number.

Once they know you are willing to spend a bit, they will harass you to spend more and more.

They will keep the results just enough to keep you – but not enough to be satisfying, because they want you to upgrade.

We recommend that you sign up for all the free directories and have a listing, but don’t waste your marketing budget on these.

Mistake #2 Buying Leads From An App

Lead sellers attract the wrong type of clientele.

Do you really care who your Uber driver is? Probably not, it’s just a quick experience. And if it’s not the best, you give them a star and it only costs you a few bucks.

This is the same way that people who buy lawn care from these kinds of services feel. They don’t really care about who provides their services, they just want run-of-the-mill service and they want it for a low price.

This is not the kind of client who is going to want to pay top price for the best service.

You want to be attracting the kinds of clients who are willing to pay a premium for quality. It’s the only way to grow your margins and build a business that gets respect.

Most apps don’t let you customize them enough to show off what really makes your business special.

With better margins, you can hire better staff and pay for better types of marketing that you can control. With more control, you can make it so that you get better leads.

Mistake #3 Hiring An SEO Company

SEO, like lawn mowing, has an extremely low barrier to entry.

The only difference is that it’s worse! Just about anyone in the world can start an SEO company.

This is why there is so much misinformation floating around about SEO.

The biggest myth is that SEO is an investment while other forms of marketing are costs.

The problem with this is that SEO is probably more competitive than any other form of marketing.

If you are in a market that has no competitors, then sure you could rank your company and then be confident that you will keep your position.

But for as long as there is a competitor in the #2 spot trying to get to #1, your SEO guy is going to have to be working hard (and charging you for it) to maintain your ranking!

There goes the idea of it being an investment!

Now, I am not saying that SEO is something you shouldn’t do. It’s definitely a powerful way to generate business for your business.

But what I am saying is that if you are going to hire an SEO company, you really need to make sure that they cater specifically to the lawn care and landscaping industry and know not only how to rank keywords, but they also know which keywords to rank, and how to get people to actually reach out once they come to your site.

Rankings are worthless if they are not generating leads!

Mistake #4 Advertising on Craigslist

Free advertising like Craigslist might be a good way to get started if you have no other choice and have 0 marketing budget, but once you start to invest in your business you should not be marketing on Craigslist.

The reason why is because of the hidden cost of leads: admin time.

For the most part, people who search Craigslist are not looking for high quality, they are looking for low prices.

What happens with this is that you end up attracting lots of low quality leads to your business – lots of tire kickers and people with no money.

And they eat up all your or whoever is answering your phones’ time!

You need to be attracting only leads who are likely to sign up for your services.

Don’t advertise in places like Craigslist where you will attract lots of low quality leads.

Mistake #5 Boosting Facebook Posts

Boosting Facebook posts is when you pay to get more exposure on a post on your business page.

The problem with these is that they are literally the lazy button for business owners.

They can get you business, but they don’t work nearly as well as if you properly create an ad in the Facebook ad manager.

All the time I see landscaping businesses spending thousands of dollars on boosted posts that do nothing.

Business owners are tricked by getting likes, but when it comes to return on investment on boosted posts, there are much better ways that they could be investing their hard-earned cash.

The best kinds of marketing are repeatable. You can look at the stats and continuously improve them. Boosted posts are one off. You can’t just keep boosting a post over and over again, it will work less and less.

As always, thank you for reading.

To your success,
Chris Penny

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