Lawn Authorities Pricing

How does pricing work with Lawn Authorities?

Our pricing is based on your business’s profitability, the rate of growth you need to achieve your goals, the value of your clients, and your territory’s potential.

We put together this article to dig a bit deeper into it.




One of the first considerations of pricing is your business’s profitability and potential profitability.

We can’t cost so much that our services diminish your profits to a point that the business is no longer worthwhile running.

We are all about long term relationships. And so we require your business to be healthy for this to be possible. We do not make our profits upfront like some businesses, we plan 2 to 3 years out with our clients to ensure the best results for you and for us.

We work hard to help increase our clients’ profitability to ensure a long lasting business success and do not take on clients who won’t be a healthy fit to work with us.


Rate of Growth – New Annual Revenue


Our pricing is based on how much new revenue we need to bring to your business.

Generally we are geared to bring in $500,000 to $1,500,000 in new business every year.

Our are fees based on the amount of revenue your business needs each year to hit your goals.


Rate of Churn – Client Lifetime Value


Just like how it’s important for us to be aware of profitability, it’s also very important for us to carefully track and improve the average lifetime value of your clients.

The more valuable we can make your clients, the more we can afford to spend to acquire them.

If your clients are so happy with your business that they are willing to spend 2x more with you than your competitors, or to stay 2x longer with you than your competitors, this then allows us to spend 2x more to acquire them.

The more valuable your clients are to you the more competitive your business becomes, and the more confident we can be in maintaining a long term healthy relationship with you.

We work hard to attract the best prospects to our clients and we help our clients stay current on what they need to do to keep them thrilled with their landscaping services.


Other Costs and Ad Spend


Our fees cover everything we need to do our job with the exception of the funds required for our pay per click campaigns.

Our high-tech phone tracking system, our expert SEO tools, our expensive dashboard software, website hosting, backups, security, our PPC engines, all the marketing automation software we use adds up to a significant expense.

You don’t have to worry about any of it. It’s all included in our fees.

Because we are able to use our tools across many clients it means that we can afford some pretty serious tech that would not be economical for a single landscaping business.

The only expenses not included are ad spend. We charge ad spend separately so that we can give our clients more control over the rate that they are growing. We work together with our clients to establish and adjust ad spend budgets as we go to control how quickly they want to grow.


Territory Exclusivity – Territory Potential


Because we only work with one single business per territory this does come into play.

Businesses operating in territories with high potential can be subject to higher minimum fees or higher minimum growth rates.


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