The 5 elements of my secret sauce
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I was forced to find a way to get lots of clients without any budget.

There are so many marketing channels! Which are the most important? Which work the best?

There’s an angle, a strategy for each of these that will produce infinitely better results than just randomly doing them.

I get excited about the ones that I can hack. By hack, I’m saying put my own twist on and get the most results for least effort.

The Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule applied to marketing is powerful.

Learning the hacks/uncovering the magical 20% can yield some impressive results.

I’ve been deconstructing marketing since Tim Ferriss put the idea of the 4 hour work week into my head in 2007. (If you don’t know it, it’s a book about working so efficiently and effectively that you can get a 40 hour week done in 4 hours – not about working less.)

I’ve even found ways to game Tinder, the app where you sell yourself. With some research and practice, I found that Tinder doesn’t show random matches. Oh no. If you are very selective on who you like you can train Tinder to show more of those, (that’s how they get you to keep using it). Don’t swipe like mad, it just doesn’t help. There are online communities that discuss these ideas, and some believe that’ll even downgrade your profile. Reverse engineering Tinder’s algorithms was kind of empowering (to say the least)… Also, traveling to new cities seems to put your profile on the top of the list, but I digress…..

Here’s my boiled down list that will get you going fast.

My secret sauce for lawn care businesses marketing!

(Consists of but is not limited to):

Basic SEO
Why: This is THE way to spend the least money and get the most eyeballs. Currently, most local businesses are crap at this which means most likely your company, regardless of size can easily outrank the competition FOR FREE. This won’t last forever. The lawn care industry is slow but not stopped. The time to stake your hold is now.
Effort: Anyone can do this if they’re willing to do the work. Search “basic local business SEO checklist” and you’ll be off to the races [took me around 10-20 hours the first time]

Time-tested website structure/strategy to make traffic actually convert
Why: Because getting eyeballs alone won’t get you clients. You need to compel them to sign up with you. A good quote I’ve heard is that if a drunk person can’t figure out how to sign up, it’s not easy/obvious enough.
Effort: (less than 2 hours research on google) Maybe another 10 or 20 hours the first time to get set up, again, not knowing what I was doing.

An offline flyer campaign
Why: Drive density, brand awareness, and season starter notifications. SEO and PPC won’t let you target your best streets very easily. Allow the web to attract random leads from your territory (where you CAN target online) and fill out your systems by using flyers for density. Just hand out a few to the neighbors of your clients every few weeks and everyone will know who you are.
Effort: Most of you have done this, just make sure it’s tracked.

A tested PPC campaign on Google Adwords
Why: As soon as you have any budget for marketing this is the easiest way to drive traffic to your site whether it ranks or not. PPC is cool because you can practice it at low budgets (like ~<$100) and scale it when it’s working nicely. All the data is there so you can research/trial and error your way to success pretty easily. Even if it’s not in your main budget you should start getting set up so as soon as you can you’re able to push for more when you need it. Once you have it dialed in you can reliably spend money to make money. I consider this a “cheap” channel because it’s cheap to test and set up and then it pays for itself once it’s dialed in.
Effort: Super easy to set up, read a few quick start guides but go slow on that budget! It’ll eat money if you let it. Watch it closely at first. Go through all the data often and get a feel for how it works.

Measurement/Analytics systems
Why: To get accurate data on all activities to ensure they are as close to the best 20% as we can.
Effort: Get the darned analytics code into your site and know that it’s set up properly. No data = flying blind when you could have eagle’s eyes that see every visit. This takes .25 to 2 hours depending on your technical understanding. It’s really a simple thing to do and NO WEBSITE SHOULD EXIST WITHOUT TRACKING.

Once you open up these Authority Channels the trick is then to stick to your guns and BE the local authority.
This means that you use these channels to show your market that you have taken responsibility for looking after their Lawn Care needs – whether it pays you or not because you know that you’ll only ever get in proportion to what you give.

Giving first is the to being an authority.

Because I care and EXIST to make positive:

 If your site doesn’t have analytics installed, I’ll do it for you for free, just message me and I’ll get you set up. It’s just so important. I can’t let any of you guys continue to fly blind.

 Most of you won’t do the work, but if you’re actually in the process of building the above and are getting stuck on ANYTHING, please message me (I’ve probably slogged thru similar issues) and I’ll help walk you through it for free.

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"Marketing Secret Weapon"

I've been looking for a solid, reputable digital marketing firm for a couple years now. I found Chris, and I haven't had to look any further! I've been working with Chris for a couple months now, and I'm very impressed with his organizational skills and follow through. He has been working diligently on my web presence and communicating all of the steps to me along the way, as well as seeking input as needed. I'm excited to work with this firm for years to come!

Chester B

Owner, Big Lakes Lawncare

My company desperately needed a new website that would allow for a higher client conversation rate and better google presence. Chris and his team worked with me to not only create a stunning new website but a quality client intake system. He brought a high level of expertise and quality suggestions / strategies to the table. I could not be more thrilled with the result! Now that we have the website and client intake system finished, I am looking forward to continuing to work with Chris's team on improving my company's online presence!

Natalya K.

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