The No Brainer Marketing Tactic That’ll Never Let You Down

Auto-Follow-Up Remarketing for Lawn & Landscape Businesses

Cost Effective.
Authority Building.


If you had a list of people who you KNEW were interested in buying your services,

or even better,
if you had a list of your COMPETITOR’s clients..

How much would you be willing to pay to market to them directly?

This is a strategy that I think is really overlooked.

Something I think most people aren’t even aware exists.

It’s something that can really help to make you stand out as the local authority.

The best part is that this is actually something that is very, very doable.

It’s very easy to implement.

In the digital marketing world, it’s called Remarketing.

In the real world, we call this Following Up

We all know following up on leads is super important, right?

How many times should you be following up?

The top answer on Quora says that 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups.

But ain’t nobody got time for that!
Especially in our industry.
Big company or small, there is always so much going on.

Auto-Follow-Up Remarketing for Lawn & Landscape Businesses

Cost Effective.
Authority Building.

Sooo here’s where the digital marketing comes back in! 🤓

This is an awesome solution because it doesn’t take any effort for you at all.

Once it’s set up you really don’t have to do anything.

It needs little maintenance and will just chug away and help you get a great return for a very, very low cost.


Ok great, so what is this Remarketing thing?

It’s simple, a piece of code on your website lets Instagram and Facebook know who to show your ads to.

That’s it!

With this, you will automatically stay in touch with anyone who’s shown interest in your services.

You’ll be able to target them directly with authority building posts that show why your company is The Bomb . com

Cool right?


Ok, tell me more about why this matters?

It’s just like at the sales level where you know it’s the best practice to carefully follow up with leads. The better job you do following up, the better your closing rates get.

This is a way that you can automate some of the work of following up.

Just like how it’s cheaper to upsell a current client than it is to find a new one, it’s cheaper to remarket a prospect than it is to find a new one. It makes all your other marketing that much more worthwhile.

Say someone Googles for services near them, finds your site and calls you.
If it’s a bigger landscape project or if they are waiting around for slower companies to submit estimates, guess who’s going to be showing up in their feeds while they wait? You are.

This is proven to help improve your closing rates.

Let’s now imagine that for some reason your company doesn’t close them.

You obviously want to give them some space, buttt you’re still going to be able to stay top of mind with them by showing very inexpensive ads!

If they ever decide they want a better level of service, they are going to think of you first.


It’s so cheap and easy

Did I mention it requires very little work and you pay very little because the ads are so accurately targeted? It’s awesome!

You can get great results with as little as $1/day.


Who should have it implemented?


If you are a big company
this is a no brainer. It’s going to bring in super low cost leads that will help to bring down your overall cost of acquisition.

If you are already paying to bring traffic to your site
be it via paid ads or seo, even radio ads or flyers, you NEED to set this up. Otherwise you’re leaving money on the table. If you don’t have it, it’s almost as bad as paying for marketing and then not answering the phone.

If you are a small business
you have nothing to lose in getting it set up, if there is very little traffic coming to your site then it won’t cost you anything. Once the traffic starts to flow it’ll be ready to go.

Even if you don’t have any other marketing
and you just want a cheap way to a nice little boost, this is what you want to set up.


Your competitors probably aren’t doing it, but the bigger companies are

We scanned 3049 sites across the internet and 13% had remarketing set up.
It was interesting to see that the bigger the company we looked at, the more likely they were to have it.

Remarketing will make you look great.

Why doesn’t everyone have this set up?

Most likely the reason is that they are not aware of it.

This is not a core marketing strategy that will bring much volume of sales to your business.
It’s also pretty easy to set up, so there is not much money to be made for marketing businesses to sell it.

It was something that was on my radar for a long time that I never paid much attention.
I was more focused on central the strategy, core lead volume generation.
I’m glad it didn’t take me any longer than it has for me to realize what I have been missing out on!


Think of this more like referrals, where referrals convert at a pretty high rate, but they don’t happen as often, so you’re not going to get much volume from them.

You’re not going to massively grow your business with it but if you are looking for a tactic that will help improve your overall cost of acquisition – this is it.


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