(After 14 years experience.)

Higher pricing
I did what everyone does and didn’t believe in my product and priced it low.
I was also a chicken.
If you haven’t already, you need to call your competitors and ask them for their pricing.
Set yours in the top 80% and then make your service 80% better than the rest.
This will alone would have changed my life entirely.

Use PPC and website to get clients and employees
You can test for cheap and once you crack the code you can essentially start to “buy” your clients in a very predictable way that doesn’t involve going door to door for hours.
This would take some learning, but not to worry, it’s been explained around 3000 times on the internet already.

Get CRM software right off the bat
Be more professional
stay better organized
I used paper for about 10 years.
Yes I know, “the trees!” Not what you were thinking?
Oh, that I’m a dinosaur?
Kinda.. I remember a time my clients literally didn’t have email addresses.
BUT IT”S NOT 2003 and I’m no longer 15.
Billing should be digital, scheduling, route tracking, time tracking.
It’ll save so much money it’ll pay for itself over and over.
How can you compete with that?
You can’t

Make flyers to hand only to the ~9 closest neighbors of my clients
Use paper very sparingly to build that thick juicy route density that = profitttt

Get involved with the community
This one I screwed up
There were so many local garbage cleanup days etc that I could have thrown a work shirt on and gone to help out and rub shoulders with the locals.
It was dumb I was too lazy to do this.
Would have been powerful authority building.

Make connections with lawn care owners who’s lives resemble the ideal I’m chasing. Find lots of mentors and befriend them.
Reach out to them and try to befriend them without fear of rejection, play it like getting clients; a numbers game
Of the ones that are open to being friends, ask them questions, show them how much I appreciate their help
Everybody likes to help

Start scheduling time to read the books my mentors suggest I read
If you don’t schedule it. It doesn’t happen.

Start learning about people management early
Keeping employees happy and feeling fulfilled is HARD
Until you master this your company won’t be known as a nice place to work
= Hard to get employees
= hard employees to manage
= why this one is really important and why 99% of lawn care businesses never grow

Set up a digital accountant
– There’s a lot of software out there. It hooks up to your bank accounts and with some teaching from you learns your spending and income and predicts the future, somewhat automagically.
– This would have saved me some major pitfalls.
Looking back at this list it seems this is mostly centered on education and technology.
Two things that seem to go pretty well hand in hand for our generation.
Pretty cool!

What would you do differently
What could you have avoided
My name’s Chris Penny, I’m 29 years old and I ran a lawn care business in Ottawa, Canada for 14 years.

Things I’d do differently if I were to start a new mowing business today. (After 14 years experience.)

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