How to hire landscaping employees

Here’s how NOT to hire landscaping employees. Avoid this mistake that makes your company look bad.

Arms Wide Open

You ALWAYS need to be presenting your company in a good light. Especially in your hiring. If you fail to do this you’ll never attract the top talent that has any self respect. 

Remember you aren’t trying to attract people who don’t have a job. The best candidates are happily working for your competitors.Your strategy needs to find a way to get everyone in town to take interest in why the grass is greener with your company. 

Companies that advertise like above will only ever attract the staff who recently lost their jobs and are feeling down and out. I suspect that companies get so many poor applications from these people that that is why they feel the need to advertise this way. So it is counterintuitive. 

You’re probably thinking if I start with arms wide open, all that’s going to happen is that I’m going to get a million terrible leads. 

And you’d be right, if you didn’t setup the 3rd stage of the system. Keep reading!

Stay Top of Mind

By having it on our website, we can remarket the people who show interest and stay top of mind for them for months. It takes time to leave a decent job for a better one! We don’t want to rush the talent, we just want to keep reminding them that they are welcome over with us until they finally decide to pull the trigger.

Show Us You Want It

What we’ve found to work really well is to have a pretty long application form on a landing page on our website. 

The form is about 20 questions long, pretty standard. But what it does is weed out the lazy people so there are far fewer to look at.

Cherry Pick 🍒

It also makes it easy to look through and find the gems. You just have to scan over them and it’s like you’ve already completed the first round of interviews. 

The Lawn Authorities Growth Platform includes the hiring system mentioned here.

If you’d like to apply to have us deploy it for your business, book a call with us below.

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