What Does Lawn Authorities Do?

Our mission is to eradicate the poor treatment of staff from the landscape industry.

We make growing your business less painful so you can focus more on wowing your clients and looking after your staff.

We do this by supporting good businesses in two ways.

One is through our free of charge Facebook groups.

These groups offer free resources to lawn and landscape business owners, helping them thrive and grow. They are monitored to avoid generic and non-valuable posts.

Our Facebook groups include the general Lawn Authorities group with over 1700 businesses of all sizes, and the Lawn Authorities [Advanced] group for businesses doing more than $1,000,000 dollars per year in revenue.

The other way we achieve our mission is through our paid growth services.

These services lean heavily on marketing and advertising but also help with creating predictability and sustainability through reputation management and business intelligence analysis.

In a nutshell, our paid systems make growing your business less painful. They make long term sustainable growth easy for lawn and landscape businesses so that they can focus on treating their staff and looking after their clients.

At the center of it all, it’s our technology that allows us to pull this off.

We provide the best Google Ads –> website –> phone calls system in the world for these kinds of businesses.

I’m confident that this system is the best in the world because it’s what bigger businesses in other industries with deeper pockets have been using to solve the same problems.

They say “the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” We are bringing the future to the landscape industry as costs decrease and new technologies become economically viable.

Because of these rapid decreases in cost, we now have access to phone tracking tech previously not available to small business.

We also have access to Google AI technology that now have so much experience (data) and have become so “smart” that they can run effectively on much smaller datasets than before, making them available for the first time to smaller businesses.

All this has allowed us to bring this combination of technology to local businesses that would not have been possible before 2018.

(Our system also includes SEO, Bing ads, Facebook ads, reputation management software, and business intelligence dashboards. But for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to keep this article focused on the core of the system.)

The core of our system has three main parts:

1. Google Ads
2. Website
3. Phone System

First our Google Ads AI sends carefully selected traffic to our website.

It’s so smart that we can set our target cost per call and the AI will go out and find these people for us at our target cost.

The AIs are directed by real time feedback they receive from the calls they help to generate. This teaches them which prospects are good and which to avoid.

We wrote a detailed overview of our unique Google Ads approach here.

Next our websites filter visitors by presenting the perfect information to them to prepare the ideal prospects for sale and compel them to call our clients.

The websites also deter the visitors that slipped by our ad AIs that look like they will be more of a waste of admin time.

Read more about how your website should function here.

Finally when ideal prospects reach out to our clients over the phone to sign up, our phone system’s AI figures out which of the calls are the best, and sends their details back to the Google Ads AI so that it can target even better.

The phone system also compiles data across the thousands of calls to show us where we need to manually update our websites to work better and better at it’s function of compelling only the right prospects to reach out to us.

Read more about our phone system here.

Basically the system is “smart” and learning from your phone calls to get smarter and smarter,

Better targeted traffic + and fewer time wasting calls = higher profitability and increased competitiveness.

Because of our landscape industry focus, we have amassed a gigantic amount of data that we can use when we take on new clients.

New clients are hitting the ground running faster and faster.

This newly available combination technology is going to take a while for this slow-moving industry to adopt.

This means that there are significant opportunities for businesses who move to use it first to claim market share.

Sound interesting? Think this could help your business?

We have a few options available.

We offer access to our existing systems for businesses who want to take advantage of this power economically with less responsibility.

We also build out systems from scratch for larger businesses who want to run them themselves in house.

You can read all about how we price our systems here.

We also run workshops for agencies wanting to add these kinds of systems to their arsenal.

Want to grow your business by $500,000 – $1,500,000 per year?

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About Chris Penny and Lawn Authorities

I've been helping landscape maintenance companies grow their businesses since 2013.

Our fastest growing client has grown from $250k to $1.5m in 3 years using the strategies covered in this website.

Our unique approach to marketing comes from my experience marketing my own lawn care business for 11 years (2005-2016). There are so many unique challenges to growing these kinds of businesses: churn, lowball competitors, attracting the right staff - to name a few. Our systems solve all of these, empowering our clients to grow rapidly with confidence.

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Because Everything's
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